绿化沙漠 博物馆

2018年,世界杯app软件推荐在环境可持续性的道路上迈出了重要一步. 博物馆现在的能源需求很大一部分来自太阳——大约占其年需求量的13%, and as much as 30% of its power draw on a warm sunny day. Added to other efforts to reduce its consumption of materials and energy, the 博物馆 is continually trying to lower its negative impacts on the environment. 以下是2022世界杯下注迄今为止的最新进展.


The Sun sends more energy to the Earth in one hour than all humans use in one year! Solar power is one of the cleanest and least impactful ways of meeting our energy needs. 随着技术的进步和成本的下降,太阳能设施正在世界各地扩张. According to the 太阳能 Industries Association, Arizona currently ranks 3rd in solar energy nationally, 与6.该州9%的能源来自太阳能. There are about 540,000 homes powered by solar in the state. There are 302 solar companies, employing about 8400 people in Arizona. Solar power is expanding in northern Mexico as well.

多亏了技术, financial and construction assistance from Tucson Electric Power, NextEra能源资源公司和特里科电力合作世界杯app软件推荐现在利用来自特里科社区太阳农场的667块太阳能电池板的电力, 位于马拉那, AZ that gene利率 enough electricity to power 3000 homes. 图森电力公司还帮助2022世界杯下注在博物馆的奥尔森大楼旁边安装了42块太阳能电池板, 2022世界杯下注的爬虫学在哪里, 鱼类及无脊椎动物学系. These panels provide 10 Kw of electricity for the building’s energy needs.


Did you know that there are two “green roofs” or “living roofs” at the Desert 博物馆? Green roofs help to insulate the building to reduce heating and cooling needs, and mitigate the “heat island” effect of built infrastructure. They can also sequester carbon and increase biodiversity by providing wildlife habitat. We have also been replacing light bulbs with the most efficient alternatives, 因为他们需要替换. ASDM staff use electric carts for transport around the site. 许多员工和志愿者拼车上班, 因为这是2022世界杯下注一天中对能源消耗和碳排放影响最大的时刻之一. The 博物馆 also offers electric vehicle charging stations.


众所周知,水是世界杯app软件推荐的美丽之处的一个不那么神秘的成分. (其他因素是2022世界杯下注植物学和展览部门的才华横溢的艺术家/科学家.)作为一个沙漠保护组织,负责任的用水是2022世界杯下注的首要任务之一. 2022世界杯下注96%的灌溉用水来自博物馆内的污水处理设施. 这个人工湿地从2022世界杯下注的水生展品中收集水,并利用植物的自然特性和功能, soils and microbes to remove a wide variety of pollutants. Waste water passes through three treatment ponds where organic matter, 悬浮物, 营养物质被移除. 这个设施的污水被用来直接补给博物馆地下的含水层. 博物馆目前有115个,000 gallons of storage capacity in underground cisterns exclusively for reclaimed water. 这些水流入2022世界杯下注的灌溉系统.

博物馆的电脑驱动的Rainbird Maxicom系统调节了95%的灌溉系统,并允许每日报告和调整浇水时间表. Maxicom系统有自己的降雨测量装置,并根据降雨情况调整时间表. It also detects leaks and notifies staff of problems. 2022世界杯下注90%以上的系统都是滴灌.

Most 博物馆 exhibits feature native and xeriscape plants. 博物馆场地内没有自然主题的区域也种植了耐旱景观植物,游客可以在当地的苗圃中找到自己. 沙漠花园, 仙人掌, 龙舌兰花园是非自然主义主题的例子,鼓励游客采用节水种植. Our newer buildings utilize rooftop water harvesting as well; the Warden Oasis Theater and the new classroom building for the Art Institute. 新艺术学院建筑的系统将屋顶的雨水收集在一个700加仑的蓄水池中,以及教室后面的浅蓄水池和补给池中. 当水溢出时,水就会流入一系列的花盆中,这些花盆装满水后会相互溢出. The planters have the potential to collect 1300 gallons annually. It may not sound like a lot of water, but to desert plants this is abundant.

学习 more about our wastewater reclamation system


与许多保护工作一样,减少废物也有很大的经济意义. Desert 博物馆 staff are expert “reducers, re-users and recyclers”. 在世界杯app软件推荐很少能找到新东西, since making a new product requires lots of materials and energy, 从提取原料, 制造业, 运输, and because new items are generally more expensive. 如果你参观2022世界杯下注的办公室, 你会发现2022世界杯下注的家具可能有点不匹配,2022世界杯下注的电脑可能不是最新的型号, but they came gently used from businesses in our community.

在回收方面,你会注意到博物馆场地上到处都是回收罐. 2022世界杯下注的保管部继续教育其他员工有关回收协议的任何变化,并单独收集可回收物品. 哺乳动物与鸟类学&O)员工在回收英雄! 2022世界杯下注所有动物部门收到的许多动物用品都是用泡沫塑料冷却器装的. M&饲养员不愿看到它们被扔进垃圾填埋场, so when the two facilities that were recycling Styrofoam stopped taking it this year, 他们很有创造力. One of our keepers reached out to Sam Levitz Furniture, and they agreed to recycle the 博物馆’s Styrofoam waste. M&O collected and delivered 323 lbs of Styrofoam for recycling in the last year!

饲养员还收集动物和人类厨房以及兽医设施中使用的塑料袋, and deliver them to recycling stations at local grocery stores, 大约2磅塑料袋/周. In the animal kitchen, they use empty grain bags for trash. 因为他们的垃圾必须每天处理, they have avoided using 300+ large plastic bags each year. When cleaning exhibits, keepers also use reusable buckets instead of plastic trash bags.

许多部门在内部或大多数活动中不再使用一次性盘子、餐具和餐巾. 可堆肥的物品和“鸡肉食品”被收集在桶里,由不同的工作人员带回家. 穿过博物馆, you’ll also find staff members using the back side of paper for internal documents, 或者把用了一半的纸剪下来做笔记和备忘录. 2022世界杯下注的复印机、传真机和打印机所消耗的物品(墨盒、硒鼓等).) are sent back to Konica Minolta’s Clean Planet Program for re-use and recycling.

In addition, green waste is kept separate and used to support in-house composting. Excess green waste goes a private composting operation. Bubble wrap, air pillows, and packaging paper is saved and reused. 纸板也可以打包回收.

在电子垃圾方面, the 博物馆 attempts to upgrade computers wherever possible, 但如果不是, 它们被送到电子垃圾回收设施.


博物馆的餐饮服务供应商, 工艺烹饪概念, 亦是绿化博物馆的合作伙伴. 在过去的几年里,他们一直在努力工作,以大大减少塑料的使用. The facts about plastic water bottles are startling! Currently, 1 million bottles are bought around the world each minute! Placed end to end, the bottles sold in a year would stretch half way to the Sun! Less than half of the bottles bought are sent to be recycled, 而不是最终被扔进垃圾填埋场或海洋, where plastic pollution is a major wildlife threat. 适合有水意识的沙漠居民, 同样重要的是要知道,生产一个塑料水瓶所需的水比它们所含的水还要多.

了解了这一切,工艺烹饪概念将出售用回收塑料制成的水瓶. The restaurant and gift shops sell refillable water bottles and cups, and the 博物馆 provides water-bottle filling stations around grounds, 作为一次性瓶子的替代品. The restaurants have also stopped providing plastic straws, lids and condiment cups. All packaging for on-site consumption is now compostable.

Craft Culinary还采取了其他节约措施,包括安装新的洗碗机,减少了65%以上的用水量,并在当地采购精酿啤酒, 精神, 玉米粉蒸肉, tortillas and other products to reduce the carbon footprint from transportation. 工艺烹饪概念也是蒙特利湾水族馆海鲜观察项目的合作伙伴, 100%承诺在菜单上只使用可持续来源的海鲜产品.


博物馆很少使用化学杀虫剂,必须得到兽医工作人员的批准. Biological and cultural control are our first choice in addressing pest problems. 主要使用本地植物减少了对人工控制的需要,并减少了问题的总数. The cleaning/custodial products we use are eco-friendly, 同时保持消毒能力. We reduce the use of chemical fertilizers by using our own compost.


The Desert 博物馆’s retirement plan for staff includes four environmental, 以社会和治理(ESG)为重点的投资基金,供计划参与者选择, 等. What began years ago as socially responsible investing, 是否已经发展成为专注于为环境做正确事情的精选公司, 为他们的员工和整个社会. 工作人员退休计划投资委员会在计划中选择更能反映计划参与者的价值和关切的投资选择.


由于工作人员和志愿者的奉献精神,许多这些可持续发展行动得以完成. Others happen naturally as the result of budget limitations. Still others are accomplished only with help from our community, 比如2022世界杯下注最近获得的太阳能. Your continuing support helps the 博物馆 continue on this path.